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4 Perks of Buying When the Market is Hot! (Literally!)

The heat is on and Summer is here! So that means it time to get outside, take a trip to the beach and house hunt! The sun is out and we know you’re only dreaming of being Gulf front lounging in your beach chair, but we wanted to share with you four distinct advantages to house hunting in South Walton during the Summer months!

1. More properties to choose from.

Inventory levels tend to ramp up from Spring into Summer, as this is the prime time for people to be out and about, and on the move along the 30-A Corridor. As a buyer, these increased inventory levels can allot you some negotiating room having several options to choose from.

2. Prices aren’t necessarily higher in the Summer months.

Due to the increased inventory and people trying to move in a shorter time frame, you just might find a more motivated seller during the hotter months!

3. The Summer may be a more active time to accomplish a dual move with buying and selling simultaneously.

Summer’s when people take time off, plan trips, and the kids are out of school, which allows for a bit more flexibility with house hunting.

4. It’s a great time to get familiar with the neighborhood.

The warm weather and sunshine brings people outside, and it is a great chance to assess the neighborhoods where you’re looking, to really get a feel for how they live. You’ll have an opportunity to interact with those living in areas you want to be, along with what kind of activities take place there. From pool parties, barbecues, to block parties for the 4th of July; these are all great reasons to get outside to interact and make connections with your future neighbors.

If you are in the market to buy to sell real estate along Scenic 30-A, contact The Beach Group today!


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